We wonder what should we write about us! Honestly, there is nothing special about us. We are five friends, fortunate enough to get good education (IIT Roorkee, IIMs, Cambridge, Imperial College). After collectively spending close to 20 years in various corporate, we wanted to do something beyond ourselves, something for a bigger purpose. To start with, we picked the mammoth challenge of making urban commute more safe, economical, comfortable and fun!

However, team Pikup is not at all about five of us. In fact, Pikup cannot be defined by few individuals. Pikup is a humble dream of creating a culture of co-riding, redefining the urban commute. A dream that can become reality only if people like you decide to live this dream.

Pikup is actually a dream of each one of you. Each one of you, who today experience noise, dust and pollution before you even start your day; who are tired of standing in long queues and unintended jostling in metro and buses; who have no other option but to spend the hard earned cash on an auto/cab daily to reach office; who spend 2 – 3 hours daily alone in a car; who gamble everyday as to which route will have less traffic today!

We five are mere facilitators, who are working on the easy part i.e. setting the stage. The actors of this show, however, are you!

We sincerely hope that together we all can create #ABetterWorld!