Economic Times: How P2P ride-sharing app Pikup wants to provide a safe carpooling experience

Economic times covering Pikup
It is never too late to be on time. Chasing massive traffic and a dream to make commuting easier and cheaper, a group of five spirited IIT-Roorkee graduates pushed the brakes on their cushy jobs to turn the ignition on Pikup , a unique peer-to-peer ride-sharing app that allows you to share empty seats in your car with other travellers in exchange for money. Read more at:

Hindutan Times: Apps to beat Odd-Even rule

Hindustan Times mention Pikup app

Amar Ujala: Pikup app to become alternative for Kerjriwa’s Odd-Even formula

Amar Ujala Pikup

RWA Bhagidari (NCR): Pikup offers safe carpooling

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