Know Pikup better πŸ™‚

1. What is Pikup?
Next time you commute within a city – turn your head sideways and you will see a lot of empty seats. Just imagine if instead of adding more vehicles on the road – we could utilize these, already present, empty seats. Imagine if you could connect with a trusted person moving in your direction on the go and simply hop into his/her vehicle to share the ride. Won’t that be awesome?

Well – Pikup is that marketplace of empty seats in private cars, cabs & autos. It is a trusted social travel network that provides you a cost effective, flexible, comfortable option to commute with interesting people around whom you just observe from a distance today but hardly know them otherwise.

2. How will Pikup make my life better?
If you are currently using public transport that makes you feel you are in a battle everyday by making you wait, stand in long queues, smell armpits, get unwanted massages, change multiple times – well we need not say more to prove how Pikup can benefit you.

On other hand – if you commute using own car / cab / auto – and assuming you are an honest hardworking person – Pikup can very well help you save your hard earned money.

3. That is fine. But what about the charges for the service?
So that no particular kind of empty seats feel bad – we have same price per empty seat across all type of vehicles – car / cab / auto. However – to lure our early adopters to the app and to prove that we know some marketing too – we will be offering a SPECIAL price to these early adopters (#ClicheMarketingIdeas).

4. How do I register?
By just doing it. But do it right – any wrong information will only help us kick you out of the closed network as soon as you join.

5. Why should I provide so much information to Pikup?
First, carefully read answer to FAQ Q2 again. Now – you can get these benefits only if you are part of Pikup network. And you cannot be part of the network if your information is incomplete or wrong. So, keep calm and register.

6. I am seeking a ride. How do I search and then book a ride?
β€œYou can seek a ride from Pikup network – only if you are part of Pikup network” – ACP Pradyuman, CID Episode # 1001

Well – it is simple & intuitive. Just enter your destination, # of seats required & your start time. We will then present you with your matches. You raise request to these matches and then pray that they accept your request (Tip – chances of acceptance are high if you have a good trust score, your display picture is clear, your company details are right and you appear like a nice guy). Once someone accepts you as their co-rider – our super intelligent algorithms will decide a pickup point and will also congratulate you for successfully booking a ride. (haina cool!)

7. I am willing to offer a ride. How do I do it?
Well, it cannot get simpler than this – open your app, enter your destination, choose your route, # of seats you wish to offer and your start time. You will then receive requests from good people like yourself who seem to trust you and chose to ride with you, out of all the options presented to them. So that you don’t break their heart – please accept the request. If someone seems untrustworthy – you can reject their request. Once you accept a request – we will decide a pickup point for you and you can then feel happy about saving atleast half of your commute cost.

8. How do I contact my co-rider?
We will share their mobile number with you once the ride is confirmed. Call them! (Tip – if your co-rider is late or misbehaves during the ride – please screw their rating and inform us via email/call so that we can kick them out of the network.)

9. I do not feel safe commuting with strangers. Can you convince me otherwise?
Pikup network rule no. 1 – β€œDo not share rides with people about whom you feel doubtful. After all – if something unfortunate happens – you might just have only yourself to blame.”

Now to help you take a decision, we will provide you following information about your matches before you confirm your ride – Name, Profile picture, # of mutual friends on Facebook (if any), Designation & Company, Mode of transport (car/cab/auto) & a system generated trust score based on their interactions with Pikup. Assuming that you are a wise person – Final decision rests with you.

10. What if I do not find a co-rider?
β€œJust because something isn’t happening for you right now doesn’t mean it will never happen. All good things take time.” – Unknown

Being a marketplace without having control on supply or demand, and having no VC funding to splurge on acquiring paid supply/demand – chances are that you may not find a match if you are an early adopter despite how hard we may try to find you a match. But this is where we will need you to rise and be more awesome, by simply having more patience and giving us another chance.

(Tip – you can help by spreading the word in your personal & professional network – invite your friends from within the app. Well, to convince them – tell them that Ridesharing is cool, yaar!)

11. How do I pay for a ride?
You simply click a button and payment will be processed from your wallet in some time.

12. How do I get paid for offering a ride?
You simply request your co-rider to click on β€œPay now” button. We will transfer your savings to your wallet within minutes. (Tip – Do not forget to start the ride when you pick up the co-rider & stop the ride when you drop them)

13. How do I cancel my ride?
Well – hit the β€œcancel” button.

14. How many co-riders can I take?
Up to 3 if you are driving alone in your own car or you are alone in a cab. Up to 2 if you are alone in an Auto. Or you could simply count the empty seats in your vehicle.

15. How do I rate my co-rider?
By answering the question – β€œDo you wish to ride with this person again?” when it is presented to you.

16. Why should I rate them?
Because you share the responsibility of creating a closed trustworthy network with us.

17. Can I be a ride seeker and a ride offerer both?
Yes. You can. Once you open the app – you will probably not have any such doubts.

18. Does Pikup charge anything for the service provided?
Yes. Though we are good people but we want money too :-D. To sustain ourselves and continue giving you an awesome experience – we will be charging a platform fee of 25% on the entire transaction value. So if ride seeker is paying Rs 40 – we will charge Rs 10 and transfer Rs 30 to the ride offerer.

19. What if my internet stops working while using the Pikup app?
Before the ride starts – please do not blame us (but blame your telecom operator) as we will not be able to show you matches if your internet is not working.

During the ride – do not worry, we will calculate the fare basis initial estimated route distance and ask your co-rider to pay that amount (however – ride completion need to be confirmed by both). Actual value deviation is hardly going to matter to either of you good people.

20. Do I need to make a detour to pick my co-rider?
Absolutely not. You will only be matched with people on your direct route. (wah bhai wah!)

21. Do I need to pay service tax since my co-rider is paying me?
β€œYou only pay tax on your profit / earnings” – Taxation fundamentals

Since by sharing your car/cab/auto – you will be simply sharing your cost of commute – it means there is no profit/earning – which means you do not have to pay any service tax. (In future – to discourage people from making profits on Pikup network and to keep ourselves on the right side of law – we might choose to play with the price per seat. #JustSaying)

22. Is it legal to offer a ride in a private vehicle?
Yes. As long as you are not doing it to earn profit and using the network solely to save on your cost of daily commute – you need not worry. Go ahead and help us build a better future.

23. Hold on. Wouldn’t the Auto/Cab driver object if I offer the empty seat to someone else on the way?
Since the auto/cab is anyway going to travel that distance – you have every right to share it and decrease your cost with others.

24. What if the co-rider doesn’t pay me at the end of the trip?
Do not worry. If something like this happens – first we will process your payment and then we will kick that person out of the network.

25. What if there is a toll? Who pays for it?
This is where we are not so awesome. The toll need to be split between both of you manually as currently we do not have that facility inbuilt in the app. We hope that you grownups will not fight over it and will manage it on your own.

26. How far would be pickup/drop point from my start/end location?
We will not let you walk more than 500 m. Although, walking is good for your health (read this to know why walking is good)

27. How do I change my Email / Mobile number or other details?
You can edit your details in Pikup app itself. However, you will need to verify the details again if need be.

For any other account related queries, feedback, suggestions, offering help, random joke, tie up possibilities, please write to us at support@pikup.co.in