Why Pikup?

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Secure Network

  1. Invite only entry to network
  2. Verified profiles (both Social & Professional)
  3. Female only option
  4. Peer Ratings based on user feedback
  5. Advanced SOS for tracking the ride

Familiar & Secure Network

Comfort of Private options at cost of Public transport

  1. Share rides in private car, cab or auto
  2. No prior commitments needed – share when you want


Most Economic Option

  1. No Surge pricing concept
  2. No Base fare or time based price
  3. Fixed price of Rs 5 per km for ride seeker
  4. Savings up to entire fuel cost for ride offerer


Make daily commute Fun & make new Friends

  1. You choose whom you ride with
  2. Interesting conversations, new perspectives, new friendships


Easy to Use app & Cashless Transactions

  1. Share a ride in few taps
  2. Intelligent algorithm deciding Pikup and Drop points for you
  3. Cashless payment via Paytm wallet


So, what are you waiting for? Download the app here, get an invite and once invited – start inviting your friends and colleagues to sow the seed of sharing in your nearby community!

Happy sharing!