How to use Pikup!

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Step 1  – Get verified as a Pikup Community Member Download and complete the 3 step registration process (FB login, Corporate email verification and Phone number verification), you will see a list of your friends on Facebook who are already members of Pikup’s trusted community. In case you don’t, Pikup admin team will verify and either accept or reject your invite request within 24 hours.

Optional – Invite trusted friends to the network Please help this community in growing by inviting and accepting trusted friends from within the app. The more the merrier 🙂

Step 2 – How to find a travel buddy and share a ride

  • Post your recurring / one time ride and relax, let the Pikup bot take care of the rest
  • Once we find you travel matches, you will be notified with complete user profile details through a notification
  • If you like the profile of your travel buddy, request them to share ride with you
  • If they accept, you can then chat with the user, for further coordination
  • If you are the one offering, few minutes before the ride start time, you get an option to “start the ride”. When you click the button, we will notify your accepted co-riders reminding them about the ride
  • You then meet your buddy at the pick up point. The one offering then needs to click on “On board” button to start calculating distance so that the payment gets calculated. Prices are basis kms traveled and pre-fixed
  • At the drop off point, the offerer will end the ride and the seeker gets a notification to pay for the ride by clicking on “Pay now” button within the app. Once clicked, the payment gets transferred instantly to the offerer’s Paytm wallet
  • Both the co-riders can then rate each other by answering a simple “Do you wish to ride again with him/her?” and saying a simple “Yes” or a “No”. This helps Pikup team to blacklist bad members from the community


All Possible scenarios when you use Pikup

  1. Daily Office-Home Commute – Just post your recurring ride once and relax, system will automatically send you profile matches dynamically
  2. Split Uber/Ola cost – We match you with similar people like you, seeking ride in same direction. They will have same pickup and same drop off point. Coordinate with them and book Uber/Ola and split your cost.
  3. Reduce Auto cost – Either book an Auto and share the two seats available and at the end of ride, ride seeker will pay you by Paytm wallet. You will pay to Auto rickshaw. It’s like owning a vehicle and sharing it. Else if you can are matched with other seekers, just coordinate with your travel buddy and book any Auto and split the cost.
  4. Shared your AC Car – If you are a car owner, share car details while posting your recurring ride and we will match you with seekers. You will never have to ride alone.
  5. One time rides (ex: Airport/Railway Station – Home or vice versa) – Similar to recurring ride, if you need one time ride, just post your requirement and you have similar options as recurring ride.
  6.  For all Female commuters –  You always have “female only” Ola/Uber group/ Auto sharing group / Personal car sharing option, so for safety reasons, you can always opt for it.

For any queries, call 8422994355 or 7838531299 and we will solve your queries 🙂

Happy Sharing!