The Game of Seats – A Pikup Story

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I got up feeling extremely happy today. It is Friday at last! But my jubilation melted away with the 40 degree temperature on an April morning…wasn’t it supposed to be spring???

So as my tea brews I go through my whatsapp messages….there is a cool video my buddy sent along with an invite..(NO NO NO …IT IS NOT ONE OF THOSE VIDEOS). Something about us Indians and our habit of sharing everything. My door bell rings just as two friends are shown sharing their essential garments (Arre am telling you na it is not one of those videos), lo and behold…it is my next door aunty at the door, fanning herself with my newspaper and asking if I have a spare LPG cylinder.

Sure I do, as I have eyes for her dapper son..(I do a mental chuckle) and we decide that she will send her ‘kaam wali bai’ to pick it up.

With my socializing done, I open the newspaper…there is an article on earth day..and I go into that school zone where we had assemblies, essay writing competitions and the pledges.

Achanak se I realise my tea is still brewing..I sit to enjoy it with my best pal—my phone and unpause the video…it is something about ride sharing app Pikup. The video is nice but am not sure what the service will be like.

I get ready for work and hell is let loose…there are no cabs in all 4 of my apps..

I download the pikup app…and request a ride…Goodness Gracious Me…it is aunty’s son offering me the ride.

I do a ‘Jai’ to Santoshi maa and hop on, happy that I started doing my bit on Earth Day, while Sahil Pikuped me.

Contributed by Juhi Mohan